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Bialetti Stove Top Moka Pot (6 Cup)

Bialetti Stove Top Moka Pot (6 Cup)

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The Bialetti Moka Express is the classic stovetop espresso maker. To produce fine espresso, you only need coffee, water, and a stove. Add your favourite milk and you can make a coffee that rivals your favourite cafe.

This Moka Pot percolator is designed to force water vapour through ground coffee to produce Italian espresso in minutes. With air and coffee oils interacting with this intensity, a velvety crema forms a layer atop the rich espresso.

The '6 cup' Bialetti Espresso cup sizes are measured in 30 ml espresso cups. At Semi-Pro we have found this brewer works well for 2 to 4 people depending on your caffeine needs.

The body is made from aluminium alloy, a food-safe and durable material that won’t taint the flavour of your espresso. The handle and knob are built with black acrylic and can be handled when the aluminium is hot. We suggest sticking to warm water and soap for cleaning and advise against using steel wool or a dishwasher.

Many around the world still own and use their 80-year-old Bialetti Moka Pots. The device is simple and durable enough to continue to be a classic espresso maker.

We recommend filling to the bottom of the valve and using 25g of coffee in the basket on a 'filter' or 'coarse sand' grind setting. 



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