Guatemala Jauja

Guatemala Jauja

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Finca Jauja is located in the outskirts of Antigua, at 1,550m above sea level. It is one of the oldest coffee farms in Antigua, and owned by the Herrera family, who are well known for coffee production in Guatemala.

Ricardo Zelaya began renting Finca Jauja in 2010, after the youngest generation of Herrera began to pursue interests outside of coffee. Over the last decade, Ricardo has carefully renovated the farm, restoring the topsoil and replacing the farm’s old Bourbon trees with younger Bourbon trees as well as Bourboncito (Dwarf Bourbon) and Villa Sarchi varieties.

 Jauja, Antigua

Variety: Bourbon, Bourboncito, Villa Sarchi

Processing Method: Washed

Harvested: May 2021

Notes of cherry, sultana, dark chocolate

Roasted for filter