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Colombia El Desarrollo (ESPRESSO)

Colombia El Desarrollo (ESPRESSO)

Tastes like: citrus, maple syrup, and chocolate

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Colombia El Desarrollo comprises 60% of our beloved Hoop Dreams espresso blend. We thought we'd offer it as a stand-alone coffee to show just how delicious it is. Happy drinking.

 Tambo, Cauca
Variety: Caturra, Castillo
Processing Method: Washed

The El Desarrollo association is made up of more than 220 small and medium-sized producers, all located on the west slopes of the East Andes that inhabit a total of 41 villages.The coffee is hand-picked in small catchments as it reaches maturity. From here the coffee is hulled and washed on each small producer’s farm, before being dried on patios or raised beds under parabolic plastic roofs that protect the coffee during the drying stages.

TASTES LIKE: Notes of citrus, maple syrup, and chocolate.

Roasted for espresso

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Customer Reviews

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Hoop! There it is!

So, this is a blend of the Semi-Pro flagship coffee Hoop Dreams, but with a definite hard lean towards the chocolatey notes I really dig in an espresso coffee. Works well as both a single or double shot, noting there's a very different flavour palette with the double. Probably my favourite blend from the gang at Semi-Pro so far. Recommended for sure.